Color-aid paper on poster board with matte.  Framed. 

In the depths of the 2020 lockdown I decided to make art as my fun pandemic project.  For ten years I’d been hauling a bin full of studio art materials and in there was a packet of Color-aid papers we used for color study.  I decided to channel my rage at the current predicament and my past art professors into simply getting rid of these papers by producing as much art as I could with them.    Upon chance a neighbor had thrown out a professionally framed and matted poster of the 2012 National Book Festival by Rafael Lopez.   I was stunned by his bold colors but annoyed by the friendly cartoon animals so I decided to pixelate and destroy the work with triangles cut from the Color-aid papers.   A few weeks later I realized I had produced a gorgeous mosaic of all the pain of the present and past and felt a great satisfaction.  I loved how the size was longer than wide, representing a wide puzzle map of my thoughts and emotions all pieced and layered together.    I had other names for this work, like Eff Art School or the Apocalypse but I think Mosaic is a proper title for a first thesis on chaotic harmony.   It hung in front of my dining table and later my sofa for years until now I feel as I move into the role of artist that I am ready to part with it.