• Coffeeshops Need Good Wifi

    The current millenial urban renewal is undeniably linked to the coffee shop.  However the reason that young people linger is not necessarily for the caffeine, rather the access to an internet connection. Having operated coffee shops in my college years I know that the biggest

  • Ferguson and Freeways

    Like everyone on Facebook recently, we’ve become accustomed to seeing the dialogue among people with the events of Trayvon Martin in Ferguson Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City.  One planner acquaintance of mine was astonished over the freeway protests.  Freeways have historically represented

  • Get template name in WordPress

    Generating the template name isn’t really a big deal, globally it’s available via echo get_option(‘current_page_template’). But in this case, when I was generating a slideshow of multiple pages, I needed to pass the slideshow query to it. So I had to write up my own

  • Toggle Map Style and the Polygons Shown

    In my previous Google Maps examples, I store all objects such as polygons and markers in an overlayArray.  Having a “global” theme change that doesn’t just alter the mapStyle, but also polygons is as simple as looping through your Array and setting options.   Here I’m

  • Nicollet Mall is Not the Destination

    The announcement of architect James Corner to work on the Nicollet Mall redesign finally signals the city’s movement on upgrading the aging city centerpiece.  Minneapolis has discussed replacing Nicollet Mall for quite some time mostly due to its crumbling condition.  The rectangular fountains which I

  • Remove Overlays

    I find the most elegant way to deal with Google Maps objects from markers to polygons is to push them to a global array.  The simplest popular method is merely to use this array for clearing all objects.  The example below does that and references

  • Google Maps KML Toggle

    My new KML toggle method is as follows which more logically lays out the variables and functions involved. The true improvement is that in order to add new KML files to the map, you simply add a new row to array kml. The code generates

  • Convert KML to PolyLine

    To convert a KML file to a native Google Maps rendered polyline is essentially the process of parsing the KML, which is XML syntax, into its constituent parts, that being coordinates within a object. I found the conversion necessary in the process of pulling stored

  • Header Image via Featured Thumbnail

    A lot of sites employ a header splash, notably photographer websites.  It is a highly requested feature of clients.  Fortunately WordPress has an easy hook with its featured image (thumbnail) setting that will allow an admin to set whatever image they wish for each post

  • Thought Process of Working in Google Maps

    Sometimes as a front-end you think by taking the “back-end” methodology route, you can accomplish great feats. In the end, the answer is often much simpler than you think. Such as in this example. I need to find the coordinates of the center of a

  • Does Lean UX Replace Style Guides

    Two years ago I read a great article by Smashing Magazine on “Style Guidelines for Brands and Websites” which suggests designers offer style guides to clients post-project. Often in the rush to the deadline, we forget that a website is never completely done and will

  • Media Queries: Navigation Bar Transformations

    I recently reviewed Brad Frost’s thoughts on responsive navigation patterns. In terms of mobile widths, I personally have been using the select menu option, utilizing a jQuery script to change out a nav’s unordered list UL for select option tags. I had found it to

  • Hong Kong’s Hyperdensity

    Having returned from a month-long stay with family in Hong Kong, I was intrigued to find Proto City writing about the city. Writer Adam Nowek praises Hong Kong’s dense urban infrastructure in Hyperdense: High-Density Architecture in Hong Kong. From a Western outsider view, Hong Kong

  • CSS Image Swap from Image Crop

    I’m often asked by clients and coding learners how to conceptualize the output of HTML/CSS to front-end. Basically these are first steps to fully understanding what the DOM hierarchy is — or in other words, how the browser interprets the document flow and order. A

  • WP Table of Contents

    <!– Overview –> <section id=”toc”> <ul> <?php global $query_string; query_posts ( $query_string . ‘&posts_per_page=5&offset=0′); ?> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <li><a href=”#post-<?php the_ID(); ?>” title=”Read <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></a><br /> <span><?php the_time(‘n/j/y’)?></span> – <span><?php the_author() ?></span> – <?php the_tags( ‘<span>’, ‘, ‘, ‘</span>’);

  • Safari File Upload Hang Up

    The HTML Form file input tag has been around for ages but for some reason Safari has had native issues with it since the dawn of the Mac era. I always expect there to be issues that arise in every project but this was certainly

  • Google Maps Toggle Mashup (outdated)

    Update 12/30/12: This method is outdated and I have revised it. Even I sometimes panic at the thought of acronyms but once you get past the technobabble, they’re just fancy names for simple concepts. “Keyhole Mashup Language” is the open source standard of mapping coordinates

  • List Sub Categories of Parent Category

    I just spent a good Friday resolving something that should be very simple. Of course it’s snowing like crazy so I’m not minding. On the Wake Magazine site I’ve been working on, we have a Blogs category that contains multiple sub categories. It’s a very

  • Super Simple Random Image

    This super simple piece of PHP code will randomly pull images from a folder that are numbered (ie: 1 through 9).  Technically it’s just any folder with numbered image names.   For TCS I created a folder called gallery in my theme folder and placed images

  • Exclude Categories from Post Categories List

    The exclude variable in the stand-alone wp_list_categories doesn’t exist for get_the_category when your blog is listing the categories related to that post. So you have to create a custom function to define the categories which output. I found the solution at Technokinetics and adapted it